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Powering Inclusive Cultures Why Measurement Matters by Chris Jones

Powering Inclusive Cultures

Why Measurement Matters

Answers the questions: What is DEI and why is it hard? What can be done other than bias training? What have other companies and leaders done?

What Readers Say About Powering Inclusive Cultures

The book explains how organizations can benefit by employing people with a wide range of backgrounds, including the usual ones, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, and ethnicity. It also addresses one not often covered, employing people with military backgrounds.

~ Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation

The people who would find the book most helpful are those who govern and manage organizations and are looking to improve their organizations’ DEI efforts. Although from my experiences, having gone through DEI training in nonprofit organizations and academia, many DEI trainers could greatly improve their effectiveness if they took to heart several lessons that Jones has learned over the years.

~ Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation

Jones is the CEO of Spectra Diversity Inc., a company that helps organizations undertake diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The book is effective in explaining why organizations should undertake those efforts and the best way of going about it. Spectra goes beyond short-term workshops that encourage an organization’s employees to embrace DEI values. Instead, it surveys the organization’s management, workers, customers, and if relevant, board, to identify how they perceive the organization’s current DEI culture. From there, Spectra analyzes the survey results and helps management create effective, measurable strategies for improving it.

~ Paolo Guadiano, Chief Scientist, Aleria Research Corporation

I read a lot of books on DEI.  What I really appreciated about this book are the learning activities which provide some really impactful ahh hah moments.  Spoiler alert…did you know that “without diverse leadership, people of color are 24% less likely than straight white men to win endorsement for their ideas?” I can see using the quizzes in each chapter as a great icebreaker for team meetings!

~ LaJuana Warren, CEO & Founder, Tapestry Solutions for Inclusion

The book is easy to read and practical.  It forces the reader to think about topics in a palatable way while also reassuring them that they are not alone. The stories really give colorful commentary to how organizations are experiencing DEI and seeing their way through.  It has thoughtful insight as to how to approach DEI with the data to back it up!

~ Tawana Bhagwat, CEO, Organization at its Best

Small and medium sized organizations are competing for talent with large organizations. In that competitive world, having an inclusive and welcoming organization is a must have – not a nice to have. Powering Inclusive Cultures is an excellent book to find out what needs doing in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion – and how to do it. Begin with measurement, so you can track your progress. Until then, you don’t know what you don’t know.

~ Julie Kratz, Author, Allyship in Action

Leaders know that before embarking on any change, accessing the current situation is a must. The same is true when engaging in organizational or individual advancement of inclusion, equity and diversity. Chris Jones uses straight forward language, relatable stories and clear research-based recommendations that will help you access and then take actions toward achieving your IED goals.

~ Lenora Billings-Harris, Author, Trailblazers- How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity

In “Powering Inclusive Cultures: Why Measurement Matters,” author Chris Jones showcases exemplary leadership by emphasizing the crucial role of statistically sound data and analysis as the foundation for effective diversity and inclusion initiatives. With a comprehensive exploration of various dimensions of diversity, this book provides a practical roadmap for organizations striving to build inclusive cultures that truly empower all individuals.

~ Amy C. Waninger, Author, Lead at Any Level

Inside Powering Inclusive Cultures

Powering Inclusive Cultures will help you understand the importance of measurement in your diversity, equity and inclusion work. Each chapter covers critical topics, taking what author Christine Jones has learned from decades of dedication to DEI work and the results of thousands of employee and organizational assessments done through her company Spectra Diversity.

Chapter 1: Where do we start?

Leadership has a valued role in the continuum of DEI progress. We’ll show you why bias training alone doesn’t work, and we’ll give you tools that WILL work to build resilience and move the DEI needle in a positive direction.

Chapter 2: Are you measuring what matters?

Any organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work is a journey which is traveled, not a destination to reach. Learn more about the meaning and impacts of diversity (how you hire), equity (how you pay and promote), and inclusion (how you keep people).

Chapter 3: How do you drive change in your organization?

If you are in leadership and desire to power your organization’s inclusive culture, the change must begin with you and begins with resilience, emotional intelligence and trust.

Chapter 4: Do all genders feel respected and heard?

Our brains are wired to classify people but binary thinking won’t work with gender. Gender is a continuum. Learn why leaders with a growth mindset see gray that lies between black and white.

Chapter 5: Are people of color underrepresented in your company?

Race is a social construct and there are many ways a company might unintentionally signal to their employees that whiteness is prized and prioritized. Learn more about these common microaggressions and what they signal in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Are people of all sexual orientations welcome here?

Like gender, sexual orientation is a continuum and is not chosen. Even with this knowledge, and growing acceptance there are misunderstandings about sexuality that impact your LGBTQ+ employees. Our roadmap will help.

Chapter 7: Are you providing accommodations for people with neurodiversity and disability?

To make the systemic changes needed in organizations and culture in general, people with disabilities must have equal access to the power necessary to function fully as themselves. Learn more about how you can help achieve this goal.

Chapter 8: Are you undervaluing your older and younger employees?

Although age discrimination typically falls on the older end of the spectrum, those on the younger side can be subjected to denigrating comments and “jokes” as well. Learn how you can shut down this subtle, and often accepted form of discrimination.

Chapter 9: Where are all the Veterans?

According to our data, those with the most favorable perceptions of management and organizational policies are male, but right behind them are Veterans and active duty military personnel of all genders. Why? Case studies and data tells the story.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources from the Book

Use these documents for team meetings, inclusion conversations, training or discussion prompts.

About the Author of Powering Inclusive Cultures

Christine Jones is an award-winning writer of documentary films, corporate videos, websites, blogs and instructional design. In 2016 she became one of the co-founders of Spectra Diversity Inc. and is its current CEO. Spectra Diversity was named by ManageHR as one of the “Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies of 2022.”

While some come to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) from their lived experience, Chris developed her devotion to DEI work through her belief in social justice and her writing about homelessness, the environment, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and DEI topics. Raised in a lily-white suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, her international travels and concern for the rights of others led her to finish her working career using DEI data to drive change and power inclusive cultures.

Chris currently lives in Minnesota and continues to enjoy the winter snow as well as the summer heat and humidity. She continues to hope the Minnesota Vikings will win the Super Bowl.

Christine Jones is available for speaking engagements, events and podcast interviews. Contact our team for more information.

Awards & Recognition

Gold Award: EMMPASCLCU (ElectroMagnetic Microwave Pulsed Automatic Semiconductor Laser Controller Unit)

Windows in Time

Diversity and Inclusion Certification

Member – American Society of Association Executives

First Class FCC License

Top Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Company 2022: Spectra Diversity

R.F. Module Radar Altimeter  – U.S. Industrial Film Festival (Silver)

The Road Taken – ITVA Silver Reel

Century – ITVA Golden Reel Special Achievement

Poles Apart – Best Documentary award at the Lake Placid Film Forum

Poles Apart – Best of Fest Twin Cities International Film Festival

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